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A Mother/Son team taking care of your all your social and website needs with stills and amazing videos including aerial production done with a Licensed and Insured Pilot and original music.


My love for photography has always been within me.  Growing up with fashion magazine ads plastered to my walls, I dreamt of making those beautiful glossy images.  I made a point back in 2017 to learn how.

I was asked to take some photos for a friend and co-worker on the sidelines of a college football game, and was told I could stay with my photo pass for the whole game if I liked.  Ok, I thought.  Not my jam but I'll see what I can get.  That day flipped a switch in me I didn't know existed.  Sports photography turns out WAS MY JAM!!  I fell in love with capturing the raw emotion of the game.  The athletes in their element.  And so Iconic Images was born.  Built for the players to share with their families from so far away.  I wanted to give these amazing young men and women great photos from their college careers.

I love to capture moments not force them.  You'll find me shooting when you're breaking your pose or talking between set changes.  Capturing the real you is my goal, and to show you just how amazing you are.



Music being my main focus, it was a natural progression to turn to video production.  My love for the creative process brought me back to my roots in Minnesota after a stint in California.  Realizing that this is what I wanted to do as a career was such a freeing feeling.  Being able to help clients with their businesses success and creating art at the same time is amazing.  Being able to do something artistic each and everyday gives me piece of mind I haven't found anywhere else.  


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